Four Gables B&B, Oaks Lane
Boston Spa, W. Yorks, LS23 6DS
Telephone: 01937 845592
Mobile: 07941 353202

Double Bedroom

The Double Bedroom ("Guinea Fowl") is a cosy room facing east to the back garden, with a view of the church and the 60-ft. deep well. It features three mullioned windows (notice the original Arts & Crafts hardware) bringing in the morning sun.

It is a warm and welcoming room with original English oak hardwood floors and thick piled wool rugs to step onto when you get out of bed. There's an Arts & Crafts wardrobe, and the room includes a TV & DVD. The en suite bathroom overlooks the original brick wall along the vegetable garden. This room was constructed of what used to be the back stairs, house bathroom and maids' upstairs scullery, so it was easy to leave a window in the bathroom.


£38.50-£46 / night per person for double occupancy, or £54-£64 for single occupancy, depending on number of nights - the lowest price is for 5+ nights, but we offer a discounted rate for as few as 2 nights.

Please note there is a 4-night min. stay for the Bramham Horse Trials (7-10 June, inclusive) as well as the Leeds Music Festival (24-27 August, inclusive) and the rate is £90/night for single or double occupancy.

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